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PostgreSQL & MariaDB database management for Mac OSX

Mac users have grown accustomed to software that is fast and elegant. At Tuples we work very hard to create a PostgreSQL client that fits seamlessly into the Mac experience.

Perfect For Web Development

Doesn't matter if you're a DBA, Sys Admin, or Web Developer, the fit and performance of a native client will fit your workflow perfectly.

Good Mac Citizen

Tuples is developed in Cocoa/Objective-C.

Connect Freely

Tuples supports all major PostgreSQL releases, up to version 9.2 and all MariaDB/MySQL servers. The same application will allow you to connect to as many servers as you need, providing you with a sandboxed editor for each connection.

Share it!

Sometimes data needs to be shared. Tuples allows you to export the results of your queries in a number of formats: MS Excel, CSV, Tab Separated Values and HTML so you can share the results of your queries with colleagues or manipulate with specialized tools.


When things go wrong feedback needs to be as accurate as possible. Tuples displays any errors generated by the database in their original format.

It's easy!

Tuples has all the features you would expect from a modern database management tool. Syntax highlighting, the ability to open several connections simultaneously, and to have several editors open per connection.

Try Tuples free for 30 days, after which you'll need to purchase a license to continue using the product. Each license is 30USD + VAT.